Pics, Gears, Caffine & Grub

A few snippets of news and advice, from our Twitter feed @cliffcross

Photos – Speaking of the best we have @sportsunday capturing your finest hour during the ride.

Coffee – Oh and don’t forget the caffeine buzz from @coffeerun1 and as a coffee snob I love their coffee. Only the best at our events 🙂

Food – You know you get @clifbar and shotbloks in your good bag, then more @ClifBar at the feed and then a hog roast from @theporkery

Gears #1 – So we’ve had some questions about gearing, you’ve got a steep cobbled start, rocky tracks, cobbles and bridleways. Go low if you can 🙂

Gears #2 – from @brent_carr I’m sticking my peaks cassette on this year for some 34x32t comfort. Landcruisers with 65psi worked well last year.

Gears # 3 – from Scott weston ‏@Yodamethodgob compact! You’ll need that 50 tooth for the roads! And the granny for that 1st climb #swiftkicktothenads


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