The times from 2015’s Clif ‘cross can be viewed/downloaded below.

Huge thank you to everyone who rode this year, a huge thank you to all our helpers, caterers and marshals.

Full & Detailed Times (xls download)

Edward Ainscoe 3.00
Alasdair Bain 4.18
Richard Ballantine 3.24
Ben Brooke 3.41
Jason Brown dns
Brent Carr 3.54
Chris Caton dns
Ian Chapman dns
Richard Child dns
Marcus Clarke 4.24
Damian Cookson dns
Andy Coop-Mann 4.29
Scott Cosgrove dns
Chris Crabtree 3.37
Paul DeAth 4.21
Kev Folan 2.10
Tom Fordyce dns
Paul Gibbons 3.58
Philip Gibson 3.51
John Gibson 2.56
John Ginley 3.34
Paul Goulden 4.16
Jonathan Green 4.13
Chris Halse dns
Mike Harper dns
David Harrison 3.50
Mark Harrod dnf
Steven Henshall dns
Jonathan Hobson dns
mark hoffman 3.13
Tony Hood dns
Leah Horner dns
Philip Ingham 4.10
Gary Jackson 3.16
Deryck Jones 4.30
San Kapil 3.25
David Kell dns
Tim Kershaw 2.57
Andrew Kidd 3.38
Phillip Lacey 4.13
Pete Lambert dnf
Stefan Macina 2.20
Antony Mawson 3.45
David McKechnie dns
David Mitcheson 3.56
Piers Mortimer dns
Iain Murray dns
Paul Nicholson dns
Howard Nicholson 3.57
Paul Nutton 2.56
David Owen 3.50
Paul Pardoe 4.26
Alex Peace dns
Giles Perkins dnf
Adam Pridmore 3.13
Peter Scowcroft 3.59
Brittany Scowcroft 3.59
John Sedgwick 3.15
Michal Siemienczuk 3.18
Nick Simpson 3.47
Mark Smith 4.16
Craig Sneddon dns
Christopher Snook 4.17
Todd Stewart dns
Russell Stout 3.24
Andrea Sutcliffe 4.16
Guy Thompson 4.17
Helen Tickner dnf
Jason Tonge 2.48
Nigel Tottie 4.16
Paul Townsin 4.21
James Tudor 2.25
Daniel Van der schans 4.13
Jeff Walton 3.51
Christopher Waters 4.03
Jonathan Waugh 4.16
Peter Wellock dns
Stephen Whitaker dns
Kate Whittaker 3.47
Kenneth Wilby 3.56
Christopher Wilson 3.06
Paul Wright 3.16
Paul dyson 3.35
robert myth 4.36
Mike cleary 4.14
Nick Simpson dnf
anthony spalding 2.38
roy hunt 2.48
matthew burton 3.40
stuart horsfram 2.31
ashley band 2.57
Jonathan Snook 4.13
simon ellis 4.55
Paul bromley 4.55
isla rowntree 4.05
janet marsden 4.05
ben holdsworth 3.27
phil scarf 2.38
keith finnet 4.11
John elwell 4.31
rachel kendrick 4.31
mick hockenhall 3.50



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