The Clif ‘cross CX route has been designed by Emma Osenton and can be seen below.

The best description of the route would be –

Up, down, up, down, up, bit more up, A loooaadddddddd of bummmppppyyyddoooowwwnn, up, down mmmm food, Up, up, this hurts, up, oh I’ve lost traction, up, phew, ooh, DOWN really fast bumpy DOWN, splash, oh that’s pretty, oh we’re going up again, phew a tiny bit of tarmac, down bump bump splat bump, squelch, down, up, swimming, Gosh it does’t look that steep, bunny hop, bunny hop, weeeeeeee, UP AGAIN? Thought we were nearly back, poop! phew, splash splash wheeeeee bbbbump bump bbbbump, my gosh I need that pie now!

The original route is 27 miles (44km in new money) and we’ve added and extended route of 43 miles (70km in new money). That might not sound far but with 4600′ of climbing in the original route it’s no easy pedal! The extended route adds another 1900′ of climbing too making a total of 6500′

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